EV Charge Ports

Domestic grants of up to £500 available

Commercial grants of up to £300 available

Petrol 12p+ per mile EV 2p+ per mile

The Government and car industries predict that over 10 million electric cars will be sold in the next 15 years. 

A combustion engine averages costs of 12p per mile to run.  An Electric Vehicle averages out at just 2p per mile.  There is no wonder more and more people are considering an electric vehicle. 

Due to the efficiency of electric engines compared to combustion engines, even though the electricity used to charge an electric vehicle comes from a C02 emitting source (coal/gas), the net C02 production is typically half to one third of that from comparable to a combustion engine.

Total Power is authorised under the EVHS scheme by OLEV to install both domestic and commercial charge points.  These accreditations enable us to offer you a grant towards your installation costs.


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