• Costa Eco Pod Carlisle

    Costa Coffee Eco pod

    Total Power installed 48 LG panels on Costa Coffee's curved Eco pod roof

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New Roof New Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most affordable way to hit your SAP calculations

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Solar Panels are an affordable investment for all new buildings and re roofs in the UK. The reason why solar panels are popular is because they are maintenance free, and they reduce homeowners electricity bills whilst giving a guaranteed inflation proof income.

Building Regulations in the UK:

  1. The adjustments and tilt of the expected installation site are important as solar PV is most effective when fitted to a roof that faces south with a 30 degree tilt. The Solar system only requires a total roof space of about 10 to 25 square meters. However, there are no specifications on the shape of the roof.
  2. Shading can impact the performance of your solar panel system. So, it is important to ensure there are no trees or chimneys that can cause shading to the panels. 
  3. The main benefit of fitting solar panels on a new build is that they're maintenance free.

Permitted Developments/Planning Permission in the UK:

  • Most solar panel systems are classed as permitted development under the relevant legislation. However, to completely avoid the permissions, you must fulfil certain requirements:
  • The panels should not be installed above the highest point of the property (not including chimneys)
  • They should be fitted in a way that least affects the external appearance of the property and the surrounding area
  • Lastly, they should not protrude more than 200mm from the surface of your roof

Total Power is an award-winning, government accredited national solar panel company.

We are rightly known as one of the most innovative, responsive and forward-thinking companies within the renewable industry. We have outstanding technical skills and a ‘can do’ attitude. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs and will work with you to ensure that the whole process including Installation goes smoothly and with minimum disruption.


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