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Battery Storage

As of the 1st February 2024 battery storage solutions, including retrofit systems qualify for 0% VAT:HMRC VAT Energy Saving Materials Relief Details

By adding a battery storage solution to your solar panel system, you can utilize your existing investment by storing ‘would be’ exported energy to use when you need it.

Hybrid storage systems work by monitoring your demand throughout the day and releasing your stored energy when your solar panels aren’t producing enough to cover your load. 

Example: Your solar panels are currently producing 4kWs of power, but your home is only using 2kWs, the solar energy would go directly to you home as normal, but the 2kWs that would normally be exported would be redirected to your battery.  An hour later your home is using 6kWs of power your solar panels would cover the first 4kWs and your battery would discharge the 2kWs it stored earlier, this process continues throughout the day thus taking you off grid as much as possible.  Then of cause any surplus energy stored in your battery solution will be available for night-time use.

The cost of installing a battery solution varies depending on your personal requirements, from entry level low storage lead batteries through to lithium ion phosphate hybrid solutions you can expect to spend between £1,000.00 - £8,000.00.  Please note you may need to replace your inverter to upgrade your system, however, a new inverter would come with the added benefit of new warranty, standard inverters have a 5-year warranty, so if your system is over 5 years old it is likely the inverter will now be out of warranty.

Sizing a battery is dependent on many factors ...

The size of your solar panel installation

Your current energy consumption and usage pattern

Do you have available space for a battery solution?

Would you like a battery that works during a power cut?

Do you have an economy 7 supply, where you can charge your battery on a lower night rate and discharge through the day?  You don’t need a solar panel system to do this.

Not all homes are suitable for battery storage and we will advise against it if this is the case.


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